Pioneering the EV Revolution

At Premiere Solutions LLC, we specialize in delivering top-tier electric vehicle (EV) solutions for your fleet. Based in California, the heart of America's most advanced EV ecosystem, we are committed to offering cutting-edge services and products to our clients.

We are proud to announce our partnership with a leading US manufacturer of electric vehicle charging stations, enabling us to provide state-of-the-art charging infrastructure for your transition to a greener and more efficient fleet. Contact us today to explore how Premiere Solutions LLC can assist you in adopting a sustainable and cost-effective transportation solution.


Streamlined Procurement for Optimal Fleet Performance

When it comes to acquiring, leasing, or purchasing vehicles, Premiere Solutions leads the way. Our dedicated Fleet team assesses your overall needs, leveraging data analysis to make manufacturer recommendations and secure the best commercial rebates. Whether you choose purchase, lease, or rental options, our annual assessments guarantee your fleet stays aligned with your requirements.

Authorized clients can explore our user-friendly online quote tool to research and configure their ideal vehicles.


Efficient Asset Movement, Nationwide with Reporting

Premiere Solutions seamlessly coordinates asset transports through our extensive network of national, regional, and local partners. Assets are typically picked up within three days of dispatch and promptly delivered. Current clients can utilize our Asset Transportation Request Form to schedule transport services.

We recognize that differentiation is key, and that's why we cater to your unique needs. Our strategies for success are entirely based on your individual goals.


Unlocking Efficiencies, Reducing Costs

Our Fleet Consulting Services empower companies to boost efficiencies and cut costs within their infrastructure. We assist clients in implementing forward-thinking strategies tailored to each fleet's objectives, needs, and operating characteristics. Our comprehensive analysis of your current fleet practices forms the foundation for customized solutions.

Our preventative maintenance program is designed to keep your fleet in optimal condition. Each vehicle receives a coupon book containing coupons for specified services and repairs at participating National Account Vendors. Additionally, instructions for authorizing other services and repairs customized to your specific requirements are included in the coupon book.

We are the leading authority in Federal & Commercial Fleet Management Services.