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Premiere Solutions LLC is a thriving fleet management and equipment procurement services firm with a mission to streamline fleet and equipment procurement processes while optimizing efficiency for our clients. As an officially recognized Small Business Enterprise, we proudly serve corporate, government, small business, and private sectors across the United States. Premiere holds certification as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) with the California Public Utilities Commission, accredited through their Supplier Clearinghouse, and is a recognized member of the Northern California Minority Supplier Development Council.

At Premiere Solutions LLC, our core principles revolve around robust customer engagement, providing cutting-edge analytics, and delivering exceptional customer service. Our client base includes some of the most outstanding local, regional, national, and international businesses across the country. These clients span from industry leaders to Silicon Valley startups, and we take immense pride in serving their diverse needs.

Our Leadership & Partners

Building an Exemplary Reputation

At the helm of Premiere Solutions is our CEO, Tracy Porter, a seasoned automotive industry expert who has served as a dealer principal and consultant. Tracy's extensive experience paved the way for expanding our company's personal concierge services and launching our commercial fleet operation. With over 14 years of corporate marketing and management expertise, Tracy is a graduate of Wharton University's Business Executive Management Program. He holds a B.A. in Business Administration with a minor in Finance from Louisiana State University. Tracy's impressive accreditations include:
-Has two decades of Automotive/Fleet experience
-Previously owned a Mercedes-Benz Dealership
-National Automotive Dealer Association/NADA Dealer Academy Graduate
-Extensive experience procuring Electric Vehicles
-Can provide custom Aftermarket services in two locations-California & Illinois
-California upfitting facility designated as an eXpert Upfitter for Mercedes Sprinter and Metris Vans
-Collectively, our staff has over 95 years of experience in the Fleet Management and Vehicle customization industry
-Offers Logistics/Transport Services to ship vehicles anywhere in the US and Canada
-Offer storage facilities in over 65 locations in the US along with cosmetic and maintenance work/inspections
-Has established relationships in the Dealer Network to procure chassis
-Offers Tier 1 leasing opportunity for clients to procure Vehicles, trailers and ATV's
-Has commercial clients throughout the United States
-Approved as a Small Minority Business Enterprise with the Federal Government
-Assist clients in diversifying their Supply Chain to reflect the communities in which they serve

Salesforce - Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Central to our operations is managing client relationships effectively. CRM, powered by Salesforce, integrates business processes, people, and technology to achieve a singular goal: acquiring and retaining clients. To succeed in business, a strong focus on CRM is essential. Salesforce offers the world's leading CRM technology, providing customized solutions tailored to your firm's unique needs.

Strategic Value & Ease of Mind

As a multinational risk advisor, insurance brokerage, and reinsurance brokerage company, Willis boasts a history dating back to 1828 and ranks as the world's fourth-largest insurance broker by revenue. Collaborating with some of the finest local, regional, and national certified diverse consulting firms, Willis combines its extensive experience and resources with the expertise of diverse partners. Together with Premiere Solutions, Willis devises programs precisely tailored to deliver focused strategic value.

MasterCard Fleet Fuel Card: Accepted at over 230,000 locations across America, this card facilitates comprehensive usage tracking and 100% level III transaction data capture. It's designed to reduce costs, prevent fraud, and enhance fleet efficiency. With customizable purchase limits and online program management, it offers secure and convenient control over expenses. Plus, you can save even more with custom merchant discounts created in collaboration with fuel providers.

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